13 people who asked to get roasted by the internet and got ruthlessly burnt

funny shit 28/08/2017

We don't know what makes people want to do this - maybe they don't care about what people say, maybe they find it funny, or maybe they think they're too attractive to get roasted. Whatever the case, we are thankful they did because it has provided us some fucking good laughs today.

'Roast Me' is a place on reddit where people upload photos of themselves, and ask other people on the internet to give them their best shot.

We asked you lot to roast one of us, Jim - and you didn't hold back. Watch:

And as the below 13 guys and girls found - there are some ruthless people in the world.

Here are some of the best from this year.

How to offend 11 people in 13 words.

This girl apparently deleted her reddit account shortly after this roast session.

No man or woman is safe from getting burnt here.

Getting told you look like Chris Evans is a compliment, right? Wrong.

We don't know Helen Keller or good makeup, but we know this is not good.

This guy should've just stayed silent.


Hey, a right swipe is still something...


That's just stone cold that one.


Meth. Not even once.

They're not wrong.

Take it from us, we know what it's like to get roasted. We asked you guys to roast Jim last year - have a watch below.