Aussie judge says it's OK to call people c**t, even the Prime Minister

funny shit 31/08/2017

Next time you're in Australia and want to call the Prime Minister a c**t, go right ahead - it's legal.

A Sydney man convicted of using offensive language in a public place has had his conviction overturned on appeal.

Danny Lim, 75, is well-known in Sydney for his colourful sandwich boards, which often contain political statements, local media reported.

In 2015 he was wearing a board which read: "Peace. Smile. People can change. 'Tony you c*nt.' Liar, heartless, cruel. Peace be with you."

The world c**t was spelled can't, but the letter 'a' was upside down, mimicking the letter 'u'. Tony Abbott was Prime Minister at the time.

Mr Lim was fined $500, but refused to pay it. On Tuesday a judge agreed with Mr Lim, saying it was "not necessarily offensive".

"The impugned word is now more prevalent in everyday language than it has previously been," said Judge Andrew Scotting.