The internet is savagely taking the piss of Conor McGregor's warm up technique

funny shit 18/08/2017

Fighters all around the world are trolling Conor McGregor by taking the piss of his questionable warm up technique.

The technique is pretty weird... we don't know how to describe it other than a chicken having a seizure while trying to swim through a riptide. 

And, unsurprisingly, Conor's a bit butthurt about it.

Via MMA Junkie

“It’s like I’ve been discarded, and it’s like I’m not welcome here... It’s certainly motivating, the disrespect and the disregard for my skill set. I look at people sometimes, and their mind is closed. They’ve got such a closed mind on how things can be done. It’s a set way and no other way."

“It’s like when we went across the waters to another land, or when we went into space. You’ve got to have an open mind and realize there are other ways, and there’s a time and a place for every single movement.”

“I’ve seen some videos. It is what it is. It’s light-hearted. I don’t take it personal. If anything I see stiffness in every single one of them.”

Have a look at some of the vids of people doing the #McGregorChallenge (hey, we're guilty of it too):