Badarse chick breaks out of handcuffs, steals police car and leads cops on high speed chase

Vids 07/09/2017

Video shows an east Texas woman escaping her handcuffs to steal a police vehicle and lead police on a high speed chase. 

Police say Toscha Sponsler, 33, had been detained for shoplifting. While police searched her bag outside the car, Ms Sponsler was able to get out of one of the cuffs, squeeze through a partition into the driver's seat of the car and take off. 

The Lufkin Police Department released the footage from officer's body cameras and the SUV dash cameras on Tuesday (US time).

In it, viewers can see Ms Sponsler's escape from the cuffs and the police chase. The chase involved numerous authorities and went on for 32km before a state trooper was able to hit the vehicle Sponsler was driving and force her to spin out.

Sponsler then hit a tree and officers broke the driver's side window to take her into custody.

Police said officers could see Sponsler reaching for a shotgun locked inside the vehicle before they were able to apprehend her. 

She remains in custody on multiple charges for the police chase, along with another charge for possession of methamphetamine.