Old lady ignores Hurricane Irma for a much needed coffee

funny shit 11/09/2017

During the deadly Hurricane Irma, the cameraman filming the live reporter notices a car pulling up in the empty car park. The reporter decides to head over to the old lady, and ask her what she is doing. 

She responds with a pretty blunt "How are you? I want you all the time, I like you but I don't want to come on camera" good on her, trying her luck and getting out there while she still can. 

He then says "You should probably go home to wherever home is for you" 

But the old girl has obviously had a pretty shitty time with Hurricane Irma and is in some serious need of a good coffee as she replies with "You know I get such a headache and I forgot to buy coffee"

The poor lady gets shut down and is turned away but is clearly pretty pissed off with not getting her beloved coffee and tells the reporter to "not push me" 

Maybe coffee can wait, batten the hatches.