Beer brands are wanting to mix weed and alcohol together

funny shit 02/11/2017

There is no debate over the fact that a lot of people like a cold one on the weekend or after some hard yaka. Even on the odd occasion you roll up a bit of green grass and let it take you away. What a combo. 

Well, have you ever thought which we are sure you have, why not mix both of those things together and enjoy a cold one while getting a little bit cooked? 

Then we have a bit of good news for you because Constellation Brands which are the brand behind beers like Carona, Modelo and Swedka are no longer wanting weed and beer to compete with each other. They are wanting to mix the two together in one drink. 

Imagine going to the liquor store on a Friday night and buying some Cannabis Corona. How trippy would that be.

Best of both worlds aye.