Chick sends pics of herself rather than her car to insurance company

funny shit 08/11/2017

Alyssa Stringfellow, a misunderstood 25-year-old living in the US, has gone viral after attempting to get insurance on her grandmother's car by sending photos of herself to her insurance company, rather than the vehicle.

Just. Wow. 

Her insurance company had requested "front" and "side profile" shots before the insurance could be processed.

Alyssa admitted she "did think it was strange" that he wanted photos of her, but thought he needed them to "identify" who she was. 


The insurance rep found the whole thing pretty funny, ringing her grandmother in hysterics before getting ahold of Alyssa and writing her an email saying: 

"Hi Alyssa, 

I am going to need pictures just like you took except it needs to be of your vehicle :)"

Alyssa's since shared the images on Facebook and they've gone viral, with over $100,000 shares... Awkies, but we love a chick who can see the funny side.