The Aussie tradie shortage has created an absolute goldmine across the ditch

tradie 24/11/2017

Reports have emerged that claim Aussie's could be facing the worst tradie shortage they've seen in years. So, tradies... you could be making some seriously big bucks if you jumped the ditch and cashed in on the Aussies shortage...

Data collected from over 52,000 quotes on (a tradie finding site), has found there's an enormous number of specific home improvement jobs, with nobody qualified to complete them. 

(Tradies) charge premium prices as customers grow desperate to get them (jobs) done.

- 69% of bathtub resurfacing quotes were left unanswered.
- Glass installation and staircase jobs were both ar 64% unanswered quotes. 
- Garage, shed and carport installation were at 60%
- And stonework and masonry jobs folowed up at 56%. 

So, it's the tradies working in niche fields that have the opportunity to make the serious big bucks. 

“The few tradies that do work in these industries are never short of work and charge premium prices as customers grow desperate to get them done," said Service Seeking CEO Jeremy Levitt.

"This gap in the market offers a great opportunity for tradies looking to grow their business,"

Maybe this writing for radio websites isn't for me... career change anyone?