The way this zombie kills this character has got to be the funniest way to die in a video game

funny shit 05/11/2017

Having nightmares of being eaten by zombies is a common fear for most people if you ever find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, we assume.

But this? This is next level.

While playing zombie survival horror game Dead Rising on Twitch, a video game live streaming service, this player found all his mates were either dying or dead.

"Barb's dying...Rich is dead - fuck Rich....c'mon Josh..." before the video game cut to a different player, who was dying at the hands (or shall we say, mouth) of a hungry zombie.

But it's how the zombie is eating the poor bugger that has got us in stitches.

We're no zombie experts, but it's usually the neck that is the preferred body part of choice. But there must have been a fortunate glitch in the game (or the game developers just have a twisted sense of humour) because this zombie is literally killing the guy by eating his dick.

EATING. HIS DICK. You read that correctly.

And the gamer's reaction to seeing the zombie eat-out fest is crack up - check it out.

What a way to go.