Aussie bloke hospitalised after flying drone into his own face

funny shit 29/12/2017

An Australian man has been airlifted hospital after being hit in the face with his own remote controlled helicopter. 

The 35-year-old man was using his model aircraft in Berry on the NSW South Coast at around 11:30am on Thursday (local time) when it dropped out of the sky, Nine News reports.

Police say two passers-by came to the man's aid. Emergency services found him with facial injuries and limb fractures and he was airlifted to a local hospital.

Sergeant Paul McCann told Nine the drone "isn't a toy".

"Any recreational remote control vehicle can be dangerous and today is testimony to that," he said. He said the drone had been destroyed.

NSW ambulance inspector Faye Stockman said the man was in a serious but stable condition, despite the injuries he had obtained from the device.

"He's absolutely fortunate," she said. "These remote control helicopters can be quite fierce especially with the blades on them. I do know the blades were broken.

"It's really quite a freak accident as he has indicated he has flown them for quite some time."