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Chick gets shafted with $400 Billion electricity bill

funny shit 27/12/2017

A US woman got the shock of her life after receiving an electricity bill of US$284.46 billion (NZ$404.53 billion).

Mary Horomanski, 58, was told she had to pay the full amount within a year.

My eyes just about popped out of my head,

We had put up Christmas lights and I wondered if we had put them up wrong.

Fortunately, a spokesperson for the energy company said the bill was an error after a decimal point was moved.

I can't recall ever seeing a bill for billions of dollars

We appreciate the customer's willingness to reach out to us about the mistake.

The correct amount was US$284.46.

Ms Horomanski says the bill gave her such a fright she asked her son for a different present for Christmas this year.

I told him I want a heart monitor