Google proclaims "All New Zealander's f*ck sheep'

sheep 18/12/2017

We live at a time in history when all of the world's knowledge is just a click away.

But there was just one question on Reddit user StackableGoats' mind over the weekend: "Do New Zealanders f**k sheep?"

To his surprise, Google had an answer: "Yes. All New Zealanders do in fact f**k sheep," his phone's Google Assistant app said out loud.

"My husband and I were discussing how all the koalas in Australia have chlamydia," StackableGoats wrote on the New Zealand section of Reddit.

"We were spitballing about how the first koala got chlamydia to pass it on to all the other ones, and after a search we found out it was from livestock. He said 'well, how did the sheep get chlamydia?' And I said 'from the New Zealanders'. He didn't believe me, and well there you go."

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