Gordon Ramsay is getting roasted by the internet for serving beef that looks like vag

funny shit 01/12/2017

You know who Gordon Ramsay is. He's the British wanker chef who has made a career out of humiliating newbie cooks and chefs on TV with excessive profanity.

Here's a few examples of his work:

He's also been very vocal on Twitter, where he will savage rip apart anyone's dish when they ask him for feedback.

One last one:

But now old Gordo is on the receiving end of criticism, after he uploaded a photo of a beef capaccio dish he made (whatever the fuck that is).

Punters were quick to point out that his beef dish, well.....looked like beef something else's (you can finish that dirty gag off yourself).

Take a look at the pic and see for yourself:

And Facebook commenters were quick to let him know what they thought of his dish.

Well, how's that for karma. We haven't seen feedback like that since we last checked out page. What goes around comes around, huh?