Bloke's bizarre yarn about growing up with a 'poop knife' is absolutely anus-ing

funny shit 15/01/2018

Some poops are bigger than others. And some people have poops so big and so consistent across their entire family, they have to keep a "poop knife" on hand in the toilet. 

What's a poop knife you may ask? Also known as the ca-ca katana, the doo-doo dagger or the excrement excalibur... 

The poop knife is much like a veggie knife, or a steak knife, it's a knife delegated to carving up its namesake - not for consumption, you sick puppies, for flushing.

Hey, it's happened to the best of us. Sometimes the poop just won't flush. Usually, in a moment like the first time you visit your partner's parents house or in a unisex toilet just before you give up, open the door and see the hottest woman you have ever seen in your entire life waiting outside.  

Or.... you could be like Reddit user LearnedButt who took to r/Confession recently to share the fact that his entire family poop so big, they literally have a poop knife.

Now that's some weird genetic shit.

Check out his story below.