Couple splurge a whopping $190 on their wedding reception at K-Fry (with forty guests)

KFC 24/01/2018

Here at The Rock we all enjoy indulging in the dirty bird.

Infact, searching for our dignity inside a big ol' bucket of Wicked Wings dipped in potato and gravy after a night on the lash is perhaps the best team bonding activity we've got.

However, as deep as our love for the Colonel is, we'd never thought about asking him to host our wedding reception...

CUE Cherish and Edward Simms from Worcester, who did exactly that.

Yes. The couple celebrated their eternal love with another eternal love, fried chicken.

After the Simms officially tied the knot, the newlyweds and their forty guests headed to their local KFC where the entire party filled up on chicken, sides and dessert for a grand total of $190 NZD. 

So shove those h'ordeurves up your ass wedding planners, where's the Wicked Wings at? 

Cherish explained to Daily Mail how the K-freception went down:

"It was a joint decision and we thought it would be a bit of fun. We love eating chicken and chips and we probably order food from there around once a week.

"We didn't want a boring reception where we would have to organise everything ourselves so we thought why not see if it was possible.

"When the guests saw on the invite that the reception would be there, they weren't surprised at all, they know what we are like.

"We got in touch with the manager, who thought it was a bit strange, but was willing to give it a go for us."

Figner lickin good from you K-Fry. 

"We had more than enough to eat and they had really gone to town with the decoration," she said. "We didn't even plan anything with them, but they really managed to make our day special."