Dude paid 6 grand for a bitcoin mining rig got nothing but a Boss Baby DVD to show for it

Thane and Dunc 25/01/2018

In one of the worse stitch ups we've ever heard, last November an English lad named Ichim Bogdan Cezar tried to buy a $6,000 mining rig and ended up with a Boss Baby DVD instead.

Ichim's Romanian brother-in-law had teamed up with a couple of his mates who also wanted to jump on the crypto currency craze. They pooled together their dollars and asked Ichim to buy a Tanli ASIC Processing Bitmain AntMiner S9 on Amazon for them as Amazon doesn't deliver to Romania.

This rig retailed for £3,149.99 (around $6,100 NZD). 

The rig should have looked something like this - Amazon

November was the month when bitcoin was on a seriously huge surge, and everyone and their dog was wanting a bite out of the Bitcoin pie, however Ichim received nothing from Amazon until December 5th. 

On that day, Ichim's wife answered the door and signed. However, the package was somewhat smaller than expected and Ichim was left sorely dissappointed when he opened it up to find a Boss Baby DVD - a Dreamworks film staring Alec Baldwin that retails for about 10 bucks on Amazon. 

Upon contatcing the seller, Minifigures Direct Ltd, Ichim was told there'd been a mistake and to expect his rig on December 16th. 

However, it did not turn up on that date. 

Ichim requested a refund but was refused by Amazon as he had signed for the package...

With persistence (and a legitimate fraud case) Ichim finally got his money back from Amazon on January 20th. By that time his brother-in-law had bought a small-time rig by this stage, but at this point Bitcoin had dropped 45% since November... deeming the small-time rig bloody well useless.

How gutted would you be?  

In other news, Thane and Dunc will be launching their own bitcoin scheme next week and are keen to get you guys on board. But they promise it'll be a legit, Boss-Baby free deal, and if things go pair shaped their miners live in New Zealand, so we can hunt 'em down.