Need a mellow buzz? Weed-infused bath bombs are here to help

weed 26/01/2018

Legalised cannabis may be a way off in New Zealand, but overseas medicinal marijuana growers are getting creative with what products that can be infused with cannabis.

One such product is a medicinal marijuana-infused bath soak that its Colorado-based manufacturer claims will reduce stress and anxiety in patients.

The Heavenly Hash Bath by Mary Jane's Medicinals is created by blending together cannabis leaves, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, grape seed oil, Dead Sea salt and Epsom salts.


Mary Jane's Medicinals also makes lip balm, salves and lotions which the store's owner, Dahila Mertens, says works wonders for skin.

The Heavenly Hash Bath claims to treat maladies ranging from anxiety to autism.

Mary Jane's Medicinals cites side effects such as: "tingling, mild euphoria, and a sense that world peace is possible".

In an interview with Popsugar, Ms Mertens said the idea for the hash bath was an "aha" moment while she was bathing.

She's now working on a fizzy bath bomb, intimate lubricant and a tinted lip balm.

Source: Newshub.