Kiwi munter shaved one half of his body and wound up on Ellen

An overly hirsute Kiwi has landed an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after an image of his half-shaven body went viral.

Filmmaker Harley Neville decided to get the bizarre body hair styling two years ago and took a picture for his fans on social media.

Then someone mirrored the image - making Neville look like he had a large snail-trail running up his body.

The image took the internet by storm, leading to his image getting a spot on the segment 'Why I Don't Have a Husband', where host Ellen DeGeneres gives examples of why she doesn't have a husband.

DeGeneres displayed an image of a shirtless Neville for the crowd's amusement.

"I'm just assuming he lost a bet, that's what I think," DeGeneres said.

Source: Newshub.