Plumber fools hospital into believing he's a gynaecologist, carries out a number of examinations

weird shit 26/01/2018

A Russian plumber named Anton Yarin managed to fool a hospital (for a number of days) into believing he was a qualified gynacoelogist.

The Pervouralsk city hospital allowed him to carry out a number of examinations. 

LadBible reports Nikolay Shaydurov, head doctor of Pervouralsk city hospital said the man had previously been at the hospital as a patient.

He said: "He knows the hospital well and knows the names of many of our doctors.

"He was very confident. We believed he was a new doctor."

Police are now investigating the incident, although reportedly Anton hasn't been detained. 

Shit mate, take that as a warning to never get sick in Russia. Actually, maybe just skip out on Russia altogether...