Pornhub offers 208 litres of lube to save the city of Philadelphia from Superbowl louts

pornhub 02/02/2018

The city of Philadelphia has an unlikely saviour in its search for an appropriate pole grease, after receiving an offer of free personal lubricant from Pornhub.

The city had been faced with the issue of how to stop unruly sports fans climbing light poles, after the upcoming Super Bowl, Mashable reports.

Philadelphia had tested Crisco fat to prevent the climbing, but citizens took the greasing as a challenge and its flammability could have caused problems, if sports fans lit fires in the streets.

"Unfortunately, it became a thing ahead of time, so people thought we were daring them to topple the grease," police spokesman Sergeant Eric Gripp told

The city recently announced it would use a different, unnamed method to prevent the pole climbing, but Pornhub insists they shouldn't give up on greasing the poles too soon.

It tweeted at the Philidelphia Police Department on Thursday, offering it "a few barrels of Pornhub lube".

The barrels contain 55 gallons (208 litres) of personal lubricant, most commonly used in an intimate setting.

But the police don't seem too keen on the offer and replied to the tweet with an image of two Star Trek characters, hanging their heads in embarrassment.

"Double face palm: for when one face palm doesn't cut it," the image was captioned.