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A lad named Shag (who hasn't cut his hair since 1986) took out best mullet at Mulletfest over the weekend

funny shit 26/02/2018

A fella named Shane “Shag” Hanrahan won the honour of best overall mullet at Mulletfest in NSW, AU on Saturday. 

Shag - whose wife is ironically a hairdresser - hasn't had a haircut since 1986. 

Yes, Mulletfest is a thing. No, we're not sure why we don't have one over here. Quite possible, we could be the radio station to change that... 

There's five different categoreis at this prestigious award ceremony: Everyday, Grubby, Junior, Ladies and Ranga. 


Shag had already taken out 'Everyday' when he was crowned the best mullet in his nation. 

What an honour mate.

Shag - AAP Images

Like any red-blooded mulleted man, Shag celebrated his success by necking back some Jim Beam, straight from his trophy and smashing out a cover of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC with the band The Stunned Mullets.

Too much.