Stoner fought ISIS for six months with the skills he picked up on Call Of Duty

News 28/02/2018

Turns out playing COD for hours on end CAN lead to solid career prospects, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

John Duttenhofer, a strapping young stoner from Colorado who was partial to 13-hour Call of Duty sessions, travelled all the way to Syria to fight alongside the Kurdish People's Protection Units, or YPG, in Raqqa as they worked to liberate the city from ISIS.

John attributes the time he spent on COD to his survival and success. 

I could sit down and put 13 hours in like it was nothing.

John spoke to the Daily Mail and said: "Video games prepared me in a way for knowing strategies and how not to get killed, like how to use cover and not to stand in the open."

We don't want to portray John as an absoluete shit talker, rest assured he acknowledges there's more to fighting wars than video games - Although he makes a pretty solid case that playing em can be mighty useful. 

"They (AK47s) weren't something I picked up because I was going out there to fight, but as a kid I played every day after school. I could sit down and put 13 hours in like it was nothing."

Raqqa was eventually liberated from ISIS power last October, but not before John lost his close friend Jac Holmes in a fatal explosion. John stayed stationed in the city for a futher four months before returning home on February 12th. 2018.

He told Daily Mail the little comforts in life are what he missed most - like air conditioning and chocolate milk.

Hey mate, no disrespect to a tasty Nippy. 

Now John's home he just want to eat shitloads of ice cream and smoke a bunch of weed.

Or in his words: "Smoke as much pot as I can" 

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