Jack Daniel's have released a whiskey-infused coffee

coffee 09/02/2018

It's no news flash that coffee and whiskey go together better than builders and butt cracks - however, Jack Daniels have created a game changer with whiskey infused coffee beans. 

Now you can be on a JD buzz from morning to night - without anyone asking diffiuclt questions about your life choices. 

The beans don't have any aocoholic content in them, as they're soaked in the whiskey for a reaaaal long time, but with a 100%  5 star reviews on Amazon so far, it sounds like a bloody tasty drop. 

One reviewer wrote:

My girlfriend bought me this for Christmas and I must say it is the best coffee I have ever had.

It is such a unique flavor that makes the coffee feel more refreshing while you drink it. It is just a hint of the whiskey flavor and I would suggest that this is meant for people who like to drink their coffee black otherwise cream takes away from the flavour.

We haven't figured out how to get the coffee in New Zealand yet, so if any of you bright sparks have an idea please let us know.

Photo credit: Jack Daniel's