KFC is branching into jewellry just in time to grease up the missus for V Day

KFC 12/02/2018

KFC is branching out into jewellery this Valentine's Day. 

The popular fried chicken chain is giving away a limited number of charm bracelets that celebrate the beauty of fast food.

Each bracelet includes five different charms: a drumstick, wing, fries, a KFC Bucket and the face of Colonel Sanders himself.

KFC marketing director Clark Wilson said in a statement that the bracelets are perfect for couples with a passion for fried chicken. 

"Each of these charms will have a certain significance and memory for KFC fans - a reminder of those special moments shared over a bucket."

A limited edition gold-plated bracelet and three silver bracelets will be given away on the restaurant's Facebook page, while one silver bracelet will be given away via their Instagram. 

On Valentine's Day last year, KFC gave away 20 'bouquets' containing three different kinds of fried chicken wrapped in paper and a ribbon.