Mad dog 17 y/o goes ham on the late night Netflix, oversleeps and still wins Olympic gold

Olympics 13/02/2018

17-year-old snowboarder Red Gerard is simultaneously all of us... and none of us.

Yahoo! Sports reports that the lad had gone on a late night Netflix binge of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (standard), the night before competing at the Winter Olympics (not so standard)... and then completely smashed it, taking out the mother flipping gold. 

Gerard had been trying to keep shit chill in the lead up to the big day and had relegated himself to his room with teammate/roomie Kyle Mack. However, he crashed hard after getting sucked into one (or five too many) eps on Netflix and didn't get up for his 6am start on the big day. 

It happens to the best of us mate. Clearly. 

Gerard dragged his sorry ass out of bed a little later, loaded himself with a ham sammie and in his dishevelled rush couldn't find his jacket, so had to borrow a mates. 

When the American teen saw his results even he was shocked at his luck - slipping out a "HOLY FUCK" on live TV.


We've all indulged in a good series of Netflix before realising it's three o'clock in the morning, we have work in three hours and it feels like our eye balls are going to fall out of our faces. 

We've always assumed this meant we make terrible life decisions, but Red Gerard stands as an example for us all, sometimes prioritising late night escapism over sleep isn't such a bad call after all.