Maccas have unleashed a breakfast burger and it looks bloody delicious

McDonalds 21/02/2018

Sweet baby hash brown. Look how beautiful it is. 

Unfortunately, the Breakfast Burger is a new menu addition for the Aussie's McDonald's. However, the Australian and New Zealand franchises have shared specials in the past... So here's hoping we get this bad boy over here soon too. 

It's only available in selected restaurants and until 10.30 am of course, but shit we'd get up early to get one of those guys inside of us. 

Bacon, eggs, cheese, hash browns, a beauty of a meat patty and the burger buns, with a generous splodging of BBQ sauce. 

Bellyaching just thinking about it. 

While we can't order em through the drive thru, we're going to go home and make a homemade one ourselves. 

And McDonald's NZ, if you're reading this, (or you know how to get to them) bring the Breakfast Burgie to NZ - yeah, yeah the Kiwi burger is good. But hashbrowns in a burger? That carb on carb action gets us all excited. 

And know Macca's didn't pay us to write this, we just love ourselves a good breakfast burger...