Olympic curler's man necks four beersies before her early morning game to calm the nerves

Olympics 22/02/2018

The Winter Olympics is a fierce competition, athletes and their families have been building up to this for months, years even... You can imagine it could be a wee bit stressful for those over there in Korea, making or breaking there dreams, right now. 

But Shawn Germain, husband of Canadian women's curling skip Rachel Homan wins the game when it comes to calming nerves. 

Actually, Germain's just won the winter Olympics, period.

After Homan made some controversial moves in her match against Denmark and still cooked it 0-3, she was savaged by the media last week. 

So, Germain was REALLY feeling the pressure during his missus' early morning match against Japan a few days later.

He coped with the stress like any good red-blooded male. Beers. Lots of them.

The lad was pictured holding his third and fourth bevvies at 9am.

What a champ.

Canada ended up winning 3-8, so he didn't have anything to worry about - but hey four beers are four beers. Good no matter what way you look at 'em.

He was accused of missing the end of the game cause he was cueing for more beersies, but he's vehemently denied the allegations and taken to social media to defend his actions:

"You can judge all you want. The stress level is high, I'm not a drunk, I'm just Canadian. #WeBelieve," Germain tweeted.

Shit, Rachel Homan's punching. What a guy.