Rugby munter shits on busy pub's table after Wales annihilated Scotland

funny shit 07/02/2018

After Saturday's Six Nations rugby match between Wales and Scotland, where Scotland literally ate shit - with a score of 7 against the Welsh' 37. Jubilations were at an all time high, with fans celebrating the win by drinking a lot of alcohol.

One punter, clearly unable to control his overwhelming feeling of joy, quite literally lost his shit and took a dump on a pub table in front of a crowd of onlookers.

"There was a group of around 12 to 15 men who had come in after the rugby," Nicola Morris, the owner of the pub, told Wales Online.

"I was walking around the pub when a member of staff came over and alerted me to what had happened: someone had defecated on the table at the front of the pub. Another one of the group had then got an empty pint glass and stuck it in the mess."

A letter of apology was pushed through the pub's letterbox yesterday, with the apparent culprit expressing his "sincere apologies", blaming the consumption of "too much alcohol" and offering to make a charity donation.