There's a Deadpool Card's Against Humanity coming

Deadpool 23/02/2018

Holy f*ck knuckles. What a combination. When you think about it, Deadpool is kinda like Cards of Humanity in movie form; inappropriate, vulgar and beloved. It's a beautiful thing seeing the two concepts come together as one. 

The game, called Deadpool vs. The World requires a little more creativity and wit from its players than the OG Cards Against Humanity.

Players are provided with illustrations and are required to come up with the funniest caption themselves in order to win their round. 

Like Cards of Humanity, going by the suggestive prompts and illustrations this game is probs not for kids (depending on how filthy your kids are obviously).

The game has 100 individual illustration cards and 300 caption cards, so plenty of  room for chimi-fucking-changas (by that we don't mean the delicious Mexican fried treats, we mean Deadpool naughtiness frivolity.) 

Release date hasn't mean revelaed yet for the game, but presumably it'll drop around the same time as the sequel; Deadpool 2, due for a May 18th release. 

Check out the trailer above.