This throwback to that time Jim was a furry is making us cry with laughter

Jim Cawthorn 11/01/2018

Just as we thought we really knew Jim...This morning we stumbled across a short film on YouTube called 'Benjamin & Ruby', uploaded way back in 2011. And now there are tears literally pouring down our faces as we type.  

Yes, turns out Jim's passion for radio anouncing came after he pursued a career in the performing arts... 

With an eleven minute run time, the plot is jam packed with intense highs, lows and you-know-what-I'm-not-really-sure-how-the-fuck-I'm-supposed-to-feel-about-this-right-nows.

Think The Room in eleven minutes with less Wiseau, more Jim. 

We'll give ya a brief synopsis: Jim plays 'Benjamin' a man addicted to dressing up as a giant teddy bear (AKA furry) who falls in love with 'Ruby' a lass who is also addicted to the furry lifestyle. Benjamin's Mum is embarassed and wants him to stop with the furry costumes. So, he goes to a furry rehab and later learns his father was also a fury. At some stage his furry love Ruby tries to bang and he flips his shit, then dates a normie but it's not the same as Ruby...

We would continue but Jim doesn't want us to spoil the end, because we all know Jim never spoils movies.

So sit back, and enjoy this absolute work of art.