WATCH: Wifey "doesn't notice" when her steamed husband tumbles out of her SUV

Vids 12/02/2018

Security cameras have captured the moment a severely drunk man managed to topple out of a moving vehicle into the middle of the road in China.

The footage, posted on the site Weibo, shows the white SUV driving down the road when the door suddenly opens and the man falls out.

The car however keeps moving and only pauses for a few moments further up the road to avoid a jaywalking pedestrian.

Local news site Shanghaiist reports the footage was taken in January from Taicang county in the Jiangsu province.

The couple were supposedly heading home from a dinner party when the husband opened the door to throw up and made his abrupt exit from the vehicle.

Local police say the woman eventually realised her husband was missing and turned around to fetch him a few minutes later.

It is not clear whether the man sustained any injuries from the accident.