Feeling dusty? Someone's created a hangover-curing ice cream for moments like this

ice cream 19/03/2018

Shaun of the Dead's had us scooping up ice cream on our days of weakness and alcohol-induced regret for years - but now the South Korean's have put science into the urban legend: ice cream actually CAN cure hangovers. 

The Asian nation has launched a product called the Gyeondyo ice cream sandwich, which can allegely sort you out even after the most punishing of benders. 

Gyeondyo translates to 'Hang in There', which may well be the best named product of all time. 

The sandwich is grapefruit flavoured and contains 'oriental raisin tree fruit juice'. which a traditinoal Korean hangover remedy that ACTUALLY WORKS. 

The Journal of Neuroscience states oriental raisin tree extract has proven a reduction in the symptoms of intoxication in rats.

Of all nations, we trust the South Korean's when it comes to hangover remedies - on average they drink 3 litres more per year  than the pissheads over in the UK and they spend over $126 million on hangover cure annually. 

Unfortunatelym the Gyeondyo bar isn't available in New Zealand, but hang in there, it could well turn up in your local Asian mart and in the meantime chug back a Powerade and get some fried chicken in your belly.