Someone has created a 3000hp jet powered Holden Commodore

Cars 15/03/2018

Some ledgebag decided to splice a humble 90's Holden Commodore with a jet engine.

The vehicle was recently listed on ebay as an unfinished project, by someone living in Adelaide.  

Will you die if you drive it? Will it even run? All valid questions. 

And whoever just blew $11,653 NZD on this beast will have those answers. Although the seller is confident: 

The Jet engine is fully operational and has been test run several times in the car.

Here's a snip from the ebay description of the beast: 

The engine is a  Rolls Royce Bristol siddeley Viper 201 turbojet.

Rolls Royce Vipers were used in several variants in many aircraft.

The Thrust output of the engine is 2,800 pounds, which is equivalent to over 3000 Hp.

The standard jet pipe is on the engine however some of parts to assemble an afterburner will be included. An afterburner will increase the output to over 5000 Pounds of thrust.

Its an unfinished project, all it needs is paint and other body work as required, and a  Roll cage and any other safety equipment as necessary.

The body is straight and rust free.

The engine is in complete good running condition, includes Starter motor, Igniter box, all instrumentation, EGT, Percent rpm Gauge (analog and digital), oil pressure gauge, etc.

Unfortunately, there's no video of the car actually running, but hold fire (pun intended) we're hoping there's some to come...  And we'll be the first to tell ya if we find any footage of this beast in action. 

Read the full listing here.