Tools down team, Lego's looking for a master model builder

lego 15/03/2018

Playing with Lego brings the same nostalgic happiness for many people as watching Beavis and Butthead, playing with a puppy or eating mince pies at a kid's birthday. 

If you don't know what we're talking about, and you never played with Lego it's probably because you were a munter of a kid and your parents were afraid you'd swallow a piece. Like the author of this article.  

Regardless of your previous Lego experience, now's your chance to relive your childhood, (or reclaim the childhood you missed out on), because Lego is looking for a professional master builder! 

(Let's be real here, previous lego experience will probably help.) 

The job descriptions reads: Do you love LEGO and have the Magic in you to create memorable experiences all for the love of fun? Do you wish to cast a spell of laughter and enjoyment to the people around you?  Want to join a team that creates smiles and memories globally on a daily basis. Then you have the magic to be Team Merlin at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre!

That literally sounds so happy, you'd be blowing rainbows out your asshole. And they'll pay you $50,000 NZD to BUILD FREAKING LEGO. 

The about you section reads: 

  • You love LEGO!

  • You have a background in some form of model making preferred. 

  • You must be able to read drawings and sketches pertaining to model production. 

  • You have the ability to understand and follow directions in the English language. 

  • You must have general knowledge of LEGO elements.  Must be willing to work flexible hours.

  • You are a talented LEGO builder

  • You love to guide, mentor, teach and coach children (aged 3-10)

  • You are comfortable in front of a camera and being involved in PR activities

So, if this sounds like a bit of you, and you'd be happy to relocate to the UK for the job, you can apply here. But don't muck around, the closing date for applying is tomorrow!