WATCH: Liam Gallagher scares the shit out of Brandon Flowers, live on stage

The Killers 27/03/2018

Liam Gallagher put the shits up Brandon Flowers, when he approached The Killers frontman during a live set at the Brazilian Lollapalooza Festival over the weekend. 

As the band powered through their anthem 'All These Things That I've Done' Liam unexpectedly walked on stage and grabbed Brandon.

You can pretty much see Brandon's life flash before his eyes. He did not get a heads up on the rogue Liam front.

He shits a brick then realises it's Liam Gallagher (not a mad spinner there to assasinate him) and promptly curses into the mic: "fucking Liam Gallagher." 

The song draws to a close, and they launch into an impromptu cover of Oasis' 'Gas Panic'.

Watch the full video below: