12yo rascal ganks his Mum's credit card, jumps on a plane to Bali

funny shit 23/04/2018

If you thought you were a little shit back in your day, or your raising little shits yourself - Get your head around this yarn: 12 yo steals his Mother's credit card and jets off to Bali.

Check what our mates over at Newshub had to say about the story below:

Many teens who argue with their parents might threaten to run away, but a 12-year-old in Australia not only followed through with the threat, he used his mother's credit card to do it and ended up over 2,500 kilometres away.

After stealing his parent's credit card details, the unnamed child then got his passport from his grandmother and made a booking.

He left the house with his school bag as though it was a normal day, but instead caught the train to Sydney Airport, then flew to Perth. There he went through the self-service check-in, security and flew all the way to Bali.

When he landed in Indonesia the boy, who had clearly done a lot of planning, headed to his pre-booked room at the All Seasons Hotel. He told staff his sister was still on her way.

The boy's mother told Australian television show A Current Affair that she reported her son missing after hearing he had not arrived at school. She was shocked he was able to complete the trip without anyone noticing.

When he returned, despite his mother's horror, the 12-year-old told media he enjoyed the trip and just wanted to go on an adventure.