Ebay listing uses explicit pic to sell the lifestyle that goes with owning a Ferrari

nsfw 04/04/2018

A Ferrari owner who was looking to hock off their vehicle in the UK and leave the country, decided to take a more creative approach to selling their bright yellow vehicle on Ebay.

You'd think a bright yellow Ferrari 360 Modena Giallo would be enough of a selling point. 

But no, the lister seems to have thought pointing out some of the car's history could get bidders "excited". 

They included this ridiuclously suggestive pic of some front seat action... Or maybe just a lady picking up her phone? 

Whatever it is, pic no.-possible-gobby-7 must have helped the seller, as the Ferrari 360 Modena Giallo sold for a whopping £35,300. 

Pic No.7 in the now closed Ebay listing