Maccas called the cops on Aussie bloke who "accidentally" took a better order

McDonalds 04/04/2018

An Australian man who allegedly made off with the wrong McDonald's order had the police turn up at his door a few hours later.

Bass Hill resident Santo La Rocca, 44, thought it was a joke when police knocked on his door, saying he'd only realised he had the wrong order when he got home.

But the McDonald's says it would have been obvious well before then, alleging he only ordered two frozen cokes and received a family box - including four burgers, 10 McNuggets, fries and four drinks.

Mr La Rocca claims he actually ordered two double cheeseburgers, two large fries, six McNuggets and two frozen cokes.

"I explained that to the officers and they said you should have returned the food that didn't belong to me," Mr La Rocca told

"I said: 'No, they stuffed it up so why should I go back?'

"It's a ridiculous waste of time to chase people for getting the wrong Macca's order.

"Shouldn't they be fighting crime, not fighting the Hamburglar?"

Police say they will not be taking any formal action because of conflicting versions of events and no witnesses.

Police say the fast food joint also alleges Ms La Rocca was filming staff without permission. Mr La Rocca told it was "a bit of harmless fun" for Snapchat and it was not brought up at the time.