Man takes wife to court over mother-in-law being a pain in the ass

funny shit 17/04/2018

Most blokes with a wife, have a mother-in-law. These relationships can be testing for even the most patient of men... But one Irish lad has taken the nagging mother-in-law to a whole new dimension. The courtroom. 

Our mates over at Newshub report: 

An Irish man has threatened to send a bill to his wife due to what he calls her mother's "disruptive" behaviour.

The Irish Times reports the man told a hearing at the family court his 78-year-old mother-in-law broke many boundaries while she was staying at his home.

He says she came into the couple's bedroom in her underwear while they were having a Saturday morning lie in, threw out his expensive shrubs and raised her voice towards him at 11:45pm over his TV viewing.

"She is a guest in my house. She cannot - I'm sorry - she cannot be allowed to raise her voice at me and tell me what I can watch and can't watch on television," the man told the court.

"I am sorry - well, if she can do that, there is something awfully wrong with our society."

The couple's marriage has now "irretrievably broken down" due to financial distress and the mother-in-law's presence in the house for months at a time was a significant source of stress.

According to the man's wife she was told to expect a bill from the man's solicitor for the mother-in-law staying in the house.

The wife had dismissed his claims, arguing that she paid all the bills so another bill for her mother's presence in the home would be excessive.

As part of the case she was seeking a Safety Order against her husband but this was denied by the judge due to a lack of evidence he had ever been violent.