New Plymouth lad buys durry pouch from servo, opens it up to find grass and worms

News 19/04/2018

Kiwi bloke Tom Kohonui hit up BP Moturoa yesterday to pick up a $60 pouch of Capstan, only to walk out, go to roll a dart and find the pouch filled with grass (and not the fun, John Day variety) instead of tobacco. 

What a stitch up.  

He listed his darts for free on a Buy and Sell Taranaki Facebook page. 

The Rock reached out to Tom who said he's not the first to be subjected to the mystery grass pouch, and he doesn't hold BP accountable.

I don't want to down BP more than I already have... It's happened in heaps of places in New Plymouth.

The grass/durry switcher has reportedly been rampant in the region. People commented on Tom's facebook post saying they'd bought pouches of Port Royal filled with grass.  

Tom confirmed the Capstan he bought was sealed like a new packet. He believed a dearro was buying packets, swapping them out for a tampered version, then returning the grass pouch to the store before walking out. 

BP has since refunded Tom and identified the person who switched the packets. 

"BP has just refunded my money, found the smoke switcher ...massive apologies, and they gave me three free coffees, so happy."

It's unclear exactly how the perpetrator managed to get grass pouches behind the BP desk, but Tom speculated: 

"A lot of comments are saying someone reheats plastic seals back up, takes into shop, asks for smokes and before they walk out of the shop they ask for a refund on the packet, saying something has come up and giving the shop the grass packet."

Gotta hand it to them, points for creativity. But shit, what a bloody sneaky bastard.

Good on BP for putting on the Sherlock hat and sorting it out.