Newlyweds drop a $1000 on cheeseburgers for drunken guests

funny shit 23/04/2018

Weddings are bloody expensive. People spend a crazy amount on bullshit their guests don't actually care about, like flowers and water fountains and invites and table centrepieces and fancy cutlery...

But one Australian couple, Nancy and Andrew,  rose above the wedding-scam and successfully identified what the people really want at their nuptials: to drink a shitload of piss and then hit Maccas in the wee hours of the morning, when they're feet are sore and their bellies are growling.

Yes, Nancy and Andrew decided to bring the Maccas to the people.

As a late night, post-meal-meal, the couple ordered 300 cheeseburgers and 10 hamburgers (the groom's best mate doesn't fuck with cheese) for the remaining party-goers (from a total of 450 guests, although presumably some had bailed at this point). 

The crowed erupted when the McDonald’s came out.

Nancy told the LadBible: “Every time we leave a wedding we go for a Maccas run so we thought let’s bring the Maccas run to us and our guests,” Nancy said. “Everyone absolutely loved it.”

“The crowed erupted when the McDonald’s came out. It was just under $1000.”

Bet they crowdy bloody erupted. The cheeseburger is the key to the shitfaced's heart. 

Anyone planning a wedding, or even thinking they might one day get married, remember this story. Less money on the cake's aesthetic and the invites, more money on cheeseburgers = outstanding nuptials.