'Murdered' journalist walks into press conference about his own death

funny shit 31/05/2018

Like a scene out of a James Bond movie, a Russian journalist who was reportedly murdered in Kiev has dramatically reappeared alive AND WALKED IN TO HIS OWN PRESS CONFERENCE ABOUT HIS DEATH.

Yeaaah, what the shit? 

Arkady babchenko, a 41-year-old critic of President Vladimir Putin and of Russion policy in Ukraine and Syria, had been reported as ‘shot dead at his flat’ and ‘that his wife had found him in a pool of blood’.

Okay, so the poor dude was dead… or so the media and the whole world thought (as it has been reported heavily around the world over the past few days).

The murder had bigger ripple effects than just obviously through his friends and family network, it went global – with the report torching a war of words between Ukraine and Russia, a flurry of condemnations from European capitals and Washington, and sending shivers through the journalistic communities of both countries.

But in a very odd twist, an emotional Mr Babchenko walked in on the press conference about his own death and revealed he had actually been a part of a special Ukrainian operation to thwart a Russian attempt on his life… and that he was fine.


"I would like to apologise for what you have all had to go through," Mr Babchenko, who looked on the verge of tears at times, told reporters. "I'm sorry, but there was no other way of doing it. Separately, I want to apologise to my wife for the hell that she has been through."

Gasps came from the crowd of reporters and audience at the press conference following his revelation, then cheers and applause.

He went on to thank the Ukrainian Security Service, the SBU, for saving his life and said the most important thing was that what he called other big acts of terror had been thwarted.

He did not specify what those planned acts were, but the SBU said it had received information about a plot to kill 30 people in Ukraine, including Mr Babchenko, but had managed to prevent it. The security service declined to say who the other 29 people were.

It said it had detained a Ukrainian citizen recruited by Russia to find someone to kill Mr Babchenko. He was given US$40,000 to organise the murder, US$30,000 for the killer and US$10,000 for being an intermediary, it said.

"We managed not only to break this cynical provocation, but also to document the preparation of this shameful crime by Russian special services," SBU chief Vasyl Hrytsak said.


Imagine what happened next when he got home to his family… obviously they’d be stoked he’s actually not dead, but this James Bond style stunt will definitely land him in the dogbox for a few days (or hopefully the opposite!)