Bloke stitches up his drink-driving mate to believe he's been in a coma for ten years

video 15/05/2018

Police estimate 100 people are charged with drink drving in NZ, EVERY DAY - And 2018 has already tragically seen the loss of 197 lives on our roads - and it's only bloody May.  

Sorry to get heavy on ya,  but, well, drink driving is a heavy problem. 

Know somebody who needs a good shake out of their drink driving ways? 

Maybe take a leaf out of Tom Mabe's book.

Back in 2013 Tom's mate Ray had a whopping five DUIs and was well on his way to his sixth. 

After Ray passed out from a heavy night on the rinse, Tom pulled some ridiculous strings and put his mate in a fake hospital room, with a fake doctor, who informed Ray that he'd been in a coma for ten years when he woke up from his drunk slumber.  

Tom even got a fake news report with updates on a gay Justin Bieber and a President Hilary Clinton to really bring his fabricated reality home.  

One hell of an epic (and deserving) stitch up/life lesson. 

Check it out above.