Bloke tries a pre-workout stimulant for the first time and his review has us in stitches

funny shit 07/05/2018

If you've ever been the type of lad to put down the beer and chips and wolf back some pre-workout powder insteadm before hitting the weights at the gym... then you might be able to relate to this yarn. 

If you haven't, like us, you'll still find it pretty f*cking funny.

Late last year, Amazon user "Dino2925" left the most hilariously honest review for a pre-workout powder called "LIT".

Dino2925 claims "It does what the label says it does."

But Dino still got a whole lot more than he expected...


Holy hecka. We'd go for the water too... What a journey. That a fry-up on the glass barbie or pre-workout powder? Stay away from drugs kids.

No surprises plenty of gym junkies froth on the shit.

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