Guy Ritchie's finally making another British gangster film

movies 07/05/2018

Toff Guys is the latest project to be taken under the directing nouse of Guy Ritchie - the man most famous for his blindingly good British gangster films, including Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. 

Ritchie's made some questionable career decisions in recent years... Did you know there was a King Arthur movie last year? Yeah, us neither.

Plus Ritchie's currently directing a live action version of the Disney classic Aladdin, staring Will Smith... 

However, it looks like once his hoorah in Disneyland wraps, Ritchie's going back to his nitty gritty English gangster roots - where we like him best.

Toff Guys - a word play on the British slang for 'fancy' i.e. 'toff' and the phrase 'tough guys' - is set to be shopped around at the Cannes Film Festival, opening May 8th. Cannes is essentially the breeding ground for studios to get jazzed up on famous director's new projects. 

According to Deadline the Toff Guys film is: “set at the intersection of Sexy Beast and Downton Abbey, and follows a very English drug lord attempting to cash out on his highly profitable empire by selling it off to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires.”

Sounds like a bloody good Guy Ritchie film. We'll be keeping an eye out for it.