Marilyn Manson took a whizz on Korn's food for the hahas

Marilyn Manson 29/05/2018

Here's another quality yarn from the vault of a man who allegedly removed ribs to suck his own wanger... 

Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie are about to embark on a tour together, so they're doing a bunch of press interviews to get that hype train chugging away.

The pair sat down with Alternative Nation and were discussing when they first heard each other. 

Zombie said he first saw Marilyn Manson on a bill with Korn - which sparked a "wee" memory for Manson... 

Manson: “It was definitely Danzig… Danzig and Korn was before us. I used to piss on their catering.”

Zombie: “Well, you gotta go what you gotta do.”

Manson: “No, I just thought it was funny, they went on before us though…”

Zombie: “Wait Korn’s catering or Danzig’s catering?”

Manson: “No, No, Korn’s. Danzig, I would use his bus as a place for sexual liaisons.”

Watch the interaction above.