Steamed bloke accidentally climbs the alps while trying to find his hotel room

funny shit 08/05/2018

Estonian tourist climbs the Italian alps in search for his hotel room while on the piss.

We've all got a mate we've learned to keep an eye on. Everytime you go to a gig, or any kind of social gathering for that matter, they're the ones stressing that you've got to keep together, still getting salty at you for losing them last time... 

Then two minutes in the door, you turn around and they've gone and disappeared again, without even an "I'm just off to buy a hot dog" or a "shit mate, gotta hit the pisser, seeya in a sec."

Four hours later you find them in the centre of the mosh, going ham while tripping dicks on mushrooms, with foam coming out the side of their face, shirtless and wearing a rando's fedora. 

Yep, we've all got a wanderer in our lives. However, inebriated escapades are one thing. Climbing a bloody mountain is something entirely different.   

Now, allow us to introduce Pavel. Pavel is an Estonian tourist who recently necked a few cold ones at his resort in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta, then wanted to head back to his hotel room.

Only instead of climbing into bed, Pavel accidentally climbed a mountain.

Presumably Pavel got lost on the short walk back to his room, but paced on and up the alps in his drunken stupor, determined he'd find that bed eventually.  

According to Italian La Stampa newspaper, Pavel didn't realise his blunder 'til much too late.

Ever had hours dissappear while on the rinse? Yes. And then suddenly ended up on the top of a mountain? Not so much. But we can see how it could happen... 

Thankfully, Pavel found a drunken sanctuary. Much like our missus' doorstep. Only... different. 

At around 2 am, at a 2,400m altitude, Pavel stumbled upon a restaurant named Igloo, nestled into the mountain.

Igloo Restaurant - Facebook

Pavel broke into the restuarant and hunkered down for the night. Staff found him in the morning, snoozing on a bench with a few cushions. 

What a champ.

Gummon, most of us have woken up in a place we don't remember falling asleep at, at some point in our lives. But imagine accidentally waking up on a mountain...