WATCH: Dearros chasing cheese down brutally steep hill in slow motion to Ava Maria

funny shit 30/05/2018

The Annual Cheese Rolling comp just went down in Britian - And it looks like our Roggy made an appearance.

What in the shit is the Annual Cheese Rolling Comp?

Well, a group of absolute dearros chase a large roll of cheese hurtling down an impossibly steep hill at an insane speed. 

This sport leaves most competitors... well, completely fucked. Battered bodies and a few bruises, if they're lucky. Broken bones and damage to internal organs for the not so lucky.

Bloody fun day out in Gloucestshire. Bloody being the keyword there.

In even more thrilling news, cheese rolling history was made over the weekend. 30-year-old Chris Anderson became the most successful cheese roller ever - taking out his 21st win over 14 years.  

For the glory, for the cheese! 

Chris Anderson with his record-breaking 21st cheese.

Hell of a painful looking sport. We can't stop watching - especially in slow motion, to the soundtrack of Ava Maria. Props to whatever genius came up with that creative idea. Watch below.