Burger King told chicks to get knocked up by a World Cup player and score lifetime supply of Whoppers

Burger King 21/06/2018

Russia's currently hosting the Fifa World Cup, and the local Russian Burger Kings decided to jump in on the festivities. How you ask? By offering any Russian woman who managed to bang a World Cup player, and let one slip past the goalie, a whopping $68 grand (NZ) and a life time supply of Whoppers... 


Wildly, there was some negative feedback and the promo has since been pulled. 

Newshub report more on this story: 

Burger King is apologising for its poor taste in an ad campaign posted on its Russian social media account.

The ad announced the promotion on VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, which was offering women three million Russian roubles (NZ$68,800) and a lifetime supply of Whoppers if they get pregnant by football players competing in the world cup.

The burger chain then pulled the campaign and apologised shortly after, apologising for their decision.

"We apologize for the statement we made. It turned out to be too insulting. We thank you for the feedback and hasten to inform you that we have already removed all materials related to the application."

This isn't the first time Burger King in Russia has received backlash for some of its ad campaigns, The Guardian reports that last year it made fun of a teenage rape victim in an online marketing campaign.

The company used the likeness of Diana Shurygina, who was raped at a house party, as part of a buy one get one free burger offer.