WATCH: Days are numbered for the home covered with 75,000 cans of Fosters

funny shit 07/06/2018

For well over thirteen years, a British family have been building a shrine for the humble can of Fosters, the iconic Aussie drop, the dirty Fozzie.

Yes. The Muspratt's have glued over 75,000 cans to their Hartlepool home over the years.

A proud announcement, for all to see. "We are the Muspratts. And we love cheap nasty Aussie piss."

Wow. Just wow. 

You or someone you knew - but probably you - will have collected the odd impressive bottle from the early drinking days, a bottle of pisshead honour if you will. 

Imagine, if you continued with that window sill of 40 ounces of drunken glory (and regret) for THIRTEEN YEARS?

Then, next thing you know the authorities came and took your pride and joy away. 

Yep, finally the Muspratt's questionable shrine of tin cans is coming down. 

The OG Fozzie can collector, Phillip Muspratt passed awayin 2015, but the family kept living on their estate (and collecting cans) despite the council making numerous offers on the property.

The council have now announced they'e demolishing the property to make way for new housing. 

Not even 75,000 cans of Fosters can stand in the way of progress. 

Foster lovers may mourn, but Hartlepool locals are reportedly pretty bloody stoked. The shrine divided the people. Much like the Foster beer itself.  

A few years back, someone even made a full-noise hour long doco on the house. Check out the trailer above.

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